What we do?

We assist our customers throughly at every stage right from the moment they approach us till we finally hand over the registered documents or the keys to their new home. We continue to strive hard to fullfill the requirements of our clients without compromising on quality and in the process build everlasting values with our customers. The complete satisfaction of our customers and their unrelenting faith in our abilities is what keeps us going ahead with renewed vigour for every project.

Resident Layout Design

We own 74.0% of each of the Tuni-Anakapalli road project and the Tambaram-Tindivanam road project, and 100% of each of the Adloor Yellareddy-Kalkallu road project, the Ambala-Chandigarh road project, the Faruknagar-Jadcherla road project, and the Tindivanam-Ulunderpet road project.

Land Promoter

A well established quality system and a strong belief in a safe working environment at worksites.We can supply you the best compressor that serves your needs. Do not be confused by the large variety of sizes, shapes and styles on display at any shop that you go to buy a compressor. we have built its image on the strong foundation of “Quality” construction. The Management realized importance of quality construction and implemented a dynamic and vibrant quality assurance program at very early stage.

Branding / Promoting / Marketing

RSPD works towards PPPs for various infrastructure projects. It targets projects to be executed on principles of Build-Own-Operate-Transfer (BOOT), Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT), Build-Own-Lease-and-Transfer (BOLT), Build-Own-Operate-Share-and-Transfer (BOOST) and their variants including the annuity approach. The projects could typically be promoted by consortia of private and public sector companies, financial institutions and MNCs.